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5 things you should not believe in order to succeed


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ALL of us want to be successful, nobody wants to become broke and poor.

But do you know that success and failure starts from our belief system? If your belief system is set up for failure, even if you want to succeed, you are still bound to fail. And I do not want to see you fail. I want you to succeed.

Allow me to share with you the five things you should not believe in order to succeed:

  1. Do not believe in overnight success

Nothing happens overnight. You need to experience the bitterness of life to experience the sweetness of life. The mindset that success can happen overnight is a lie. A lot of people fall for this because they think that these get rich quick schemes can save their lives!

Success is a journey. It is like a roller coaster ride. You need to experience the highs and lows so you will enjoy it and cherish your success.

  1. Do not believe that someone will do things for you

Reality is you cannot completely depend on others. As much as others want to help, they also have their own limitations. They also have their own concerns in life.

You have to make things happen. Never think that things will just happen! Things do not just fall into places because you hope so. But it will fall into place if you do so.

Believe in yourself! Be the man at the helm of your ship! No one else can work for you. You need to work for yourself!

Take responsibility for your actions. Don’t point your finger at those who did not support you. You are the architect of your life!

  1. Do not believe that you are bound to fail

Never ever entertain negative thinking. This is what I call STINKING THINKING. Negative thinking will not bring us anywhere. It will just bring us to a place of hopelessness and darkness. It will suck the life out of us. It will disempower our abilities and rob us of our dreams.

You need to filter your way of thinking and start thinking positive. Start looking at your strengths, not on your weaknesses. Start reminding yourself of things you accomplished, not at the things you failed. Start believing that you are bound to succeed.

  1. Do not be self-centered

Do not believe you make the world go round and round.

Some people believe that the world revolves around them. It’s all about “me,” it is all about “we.” We need to be more selfless and not be selfish.

You cannot do it alone. No man is an island. We need people to help us and encourage us. It takes a team of people to work together in order to be successful!

  1. Do not believe that nothing will change

If you believe that you will always become poor in your life, you just orchestrated your own self-destruction.

You need to believe you can get yourself out of the hole you dug for yourself. Your friends, family, and other support group will be there. But you need to believe in yourself that life will be better and the good days will be ahead of you.

In this process, you are programming success for yourself. When you become a person who believes in yourself, with hard work and faith in God, sooner or later, success will be within your reach.

God provides us with our skills. It is upon us to use these skills right! Make it right by doing yourself a favor! Do not give up because God will never fail us!

So reign in your life and remember to always do the right thing. The right people and opportunities will then come along your way.


Are you confident of your skill sets? Do you depend on others to help you become successful? Start trusting God to equip and guide you to succeed in life.

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans” – Proverbs 16:3 (NIV)

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Written by Tempo Desk

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