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5 things you should never do when you have money


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MONEY is not everything! But it sure is something!

It will make your life difficult if you have less of it and it will also sometimes make your life miserable when you have more of it.

For me, having money simply means you can afford to buy things that you need. Money for me is a tool. Money for me is a means to an end. Not the other way around.

Some people who have money can become corrupted.

Remember when people say that with great power comes great responsibility?

There is responsibility with new found success when we have money.

I have personally witnessed many people’s lives destroyed when they have money.

These are the five things you should avoid doing when you have money:

  1. Never forget the people who helped you when you were starting

Most of us came from “noth­ing” to “something.” Someone helped us in the past and that was the reason why we are experiencing some success. Give credit to whom credit is due. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

People that motivated you. People that gave you the op­portunity. People that recog­nized your talent.

I am thankful for people like Randy Santiago who helped me become an actor. Thankful to the late Direk Mike Relon Mak­iling who gave me the break in the movie “I Love You 3x A Day” with Jimmy Santos. I am grateful to Francis Kong who helped me in my career as an author and public speaker.

Let us remember the adage, “Those that know not where they came from know not the path they will take.”

  1. Don’t gamble or get into gambling

Gambling is a game of chance and you do not have to put your life to chance. You may end up with the chance of losing everything.

Success is never made by chance. Don’t even gamble for fun!

A lot of people say that they won a lot just with a small amount of money. The truth is real gamblers who make money gamble huge amounts of money just to win a little.

Never even start with the first bet. The so called begin­ner’s luck will lure you to get back to gambling but in the end you will still lose!

It is a vicious cycle. A cycle that will never stop until it runs you to the ground.

  1. Never ever try drugs

Drugs will give you the il­lusion of happiness. Ecstasy is a great feeling but it is not a great drug. It does not feel great when you are in jail or six feet under.

Addiction to drugs is not a joke. Dealers always say “First one is free”!

This is the way they snare you into drug addiction and you will fail in life. You will lose focus, your savings, your family, and your life.

  1. Never associate your­self with the wrong peo­ple

More money means more friends and more relatives. By now, you may have already realized that when you have less money, you also have less friends and relatives.

You have to take extra care when choosing your friends. Look for people who can bring you back online when you go off track.

Take a look around at what friends you are gaining as you become more success­ful. Maybe you can check and see, “Are they helping me to become better or worse?”

Most importantly, look for friends that are honest to even tell you that you have a bad breath. It may be funny. But these are the same peo­ple that will be there for you when you hit bottom.

  1. Never forget your humble beginnings

Learn to accept the fact that most of us have started from nothing to something. Though some may have been fed with a golden spoon or served food on a golden plat­ter, most started with paper plates long before they dined with fine China.

As you grow old and your hair turns grey, you need to remember to be humble as you count your blessings every day.

I want you to be reminded that there is a purpose for everything. God allows you to become successful so you can help others to be successful.


What are the mistakes you made in the past? Did you experience some success but now lost it?

If you want to regain lost glory and success, allow me to inspire and encourage you. Please join me at my YOUTUBE channel at CHINK POSITIVE.

What do you think?

Written by Tempo Desk

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