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10 places where rich people place their money


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HAVE you ever wondered where the rich put their money that it grows so fast? Even in their sleep, their money is working for them? Even if they just give a minimum effort, they still earn big time?

This is PART 2 of our four-part series on “10 PLACES WHERE THE RICH PLACE THEIR MONEY.” We can also do the same and be likewise, rich. Here are more investment vehicles in which billionaires put their money in.

  1. VUL

Abbreviated Variable Universal Life, VUL is a 2-in-1 investment vehicle. You can get life protection plus investing opportunity. Insurance companies which include this in their policies give their clients the protection from sudden life casualties while also giving them income.

The insurance companies invest your money in mutual funds, stocks, and other investment vehicles so your money can grow. Just like with the previous investment vehicles, you are not required to learn the ins and outs of investing, yet you can earn, because there are fund managers who handle your money.

Based on their declared earnings, VUL can yield from a low of five percent to a high of 30 percent per annum. (Earnings are not guaranteed)

  1. Stock market

Stock market is a place where you can buy shares of a public company, thus, you can consider yourself as one of the company’s part-owners.

What is good with stock market is that it is open to everyone. Rich or poor are welcome in the market. Everyone has equal chances of earning. The only determining factor of success is how wise you are in trading.

In reality, the stock market requires much effort because you need to learn how to analyze charts, how to read financial statements, and how to be always in the loop of the news. It may be hard work, but all your efforts can be rewarded once you make a profit.

Sometimes, the stock market is risky which is why many people are afraid to invest in it. But remember, high risk equals high rewards. Therefore, you can have greater opportunities of earning much in the stock market.

Many stock market investors can attest to the power of the market on how it can make or break a person and how it can make or break your finances. With continuous education and practice, your success in the stock market can be limitless.

A friend of mine purchased P75,000 worth of stocks from a real-estate company. After 10 years, the value of his stocks multiplied 100x. His original investment of P75,000 became P7.5 million in 10 years time. Not bad for a 10-year investment holding period.

How about you? Are you interested to know more about the stock market?

If you want to learn more, I want you to help you have that limitless earning potential, thus, I made a special online course called “Stock Market for Every Juan” which makes stock market easy for beginner investors and for ordinary Filipinos.

To make this course even more understandable and comprehensive, I had invited “Mr. Stocks Smart,” Marvin Germo, to partner with me as we teach you the basics of stock market and how to avoid losing money in your trades.

Seminars like this may cost a lot, but because it is our goal to give more earning opportunities to every Filipino, you can learn so much at the very affordable price of P799. You can watch and master the lessons for a whole year, anytime, and anywhere. Just go to and you will know how to join this special online course.

Join now and know the secrets of the rich so you, too, can be rich!


  1. Are you familiar with VUL and stock market?
  2. Do you have any reservations in investing in these investment vehicles, especially in the stock market?
  3. What do you need to do to make money work for you?

What do you think?

Written by Tempo Desk

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