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MOST of us can’t avoid processed food and fastfood, but we can add more fruits and vegetables to our diet to at least control their effects and to help prevent certain diseases.

Determined to eat more nutritious food, I make frequent trips to the fruit and vegetable section of the public market. “Bagsakan”, as they label it – the produce are fair-priced (or, so I believe), abundant and fresh!

I am not a fan of “giant” fruits and vegetables. I choose just the right size. I don’t mind if there are insect bites. I have an idea that they are probably free from harmful chemicals (or the pests are already immune to them?)

My regular list consists of items which can either be eaten raw or sauteed. Bit­tergourd is for iron. They say it counters the effects of too much sugar, too. Tofu, a source of protein and calcium, is also known to help prevent cancer. Tomato is among my sources of vitamin C. Its lyco­pene content is good for the heart and it also fights the big C.

Bananas, besides being a great source of potassium, help boost my mood. On days when I consume more than the usual amount of salt, I eat ba­nanas to help counteract the effects. Carrots are for my eyes. Mangoes, besides the fact that they are my favor­ites, are also good for the eyes and are rich in fiber. Onions taste great. They are nutritious and are said to help con­trol inflammation and tumor growth. Turmeric is my no.1 anti-inflammatory tea (mixed with coffee)! Baguio beans can be sauteed and added to tuna. Both are good for the health. Have you tried corned beef with lots of cabbage? It tastes great!

Sometimes, the costs and burdens of acquiring diseases can be prevented if we will only modify our lifestyle and out diet.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” (Hippocrates). If something bothers you, visit your doc­tor and heed his advice.

What do you think?

Written by Tempo Desk

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