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PGH is renovating – finally! – their ER. Until the work is completed in February 2020, their MDs ask the public to please un­derstand that the lack of space and facilities means patients will need to seek medical assistance elsewhere. If 20 patients used to be comfortably accommodated at a time, the doctors and nurses will now have room to attend to only 10. Let the other 10 find help in other hospitals.

What does LGBTQ mean? If you’re hungry it means lomi, goto, baboy, tokwa, quekiam (or quekquek). I prefer LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ, con­sidering how many permutations the genders are claiming. Let more people embrace “inclusiv­ity,” a buzzword that’s almost as annoying as “iconic.” If everything and everyone is an icon or iconic, what’s left to admire?

PRC, Red Cross to you, has launched its CPR challenge to teach people, including the young ones in school, how to apply the life-saving technique in an emer­gency, in those critical minutes be­fore the ambulance arrives.

Robin Padilla, who used to be the Bad Boy of Philippine cinema, has his own challenge and it’s direct­ed at young men. Inspired by the example set by Matteo Guidicelli, who left the side of his GF Sarah G and the starry world of celebrity to undergo a one-month training course with SAF, Robin makes an impassioned call for guys to show their love of country. Using strong, powerful language he asks them to set aside their gadgets, phones, and tablets, lay down their (ch)arms and join AFP to fight the ene­mies of the state. I was so touched by the dramatic plea of this self-described “old man” – he’s 49 – that I asked my friends in KDP to invite him to speak at their next conference. KDP: Katipunan ng Demokratikong Pilipino.

Has NWRB converted itself into a weather-watching agency under PAG-ASA instead of looking for sources of water? As the popula­tion of NCR look up to the skies for signs of rain, the bored offi­cials monitor the water level at An­gat, as if that’s all they’re paid to do, as if warning us to expect the surprise of our lives, that the dam were about to overflow, overnight. Level up, NWRB, we know better. No storm, no rain; no rain, no H20. A five-year-old could tell you that, ASAP.

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Written by Tempo Desk

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