FIBA, Go For Gold sign deal

Go for Gold Philippines godfather Jeremy Go (photo by Brian Yalung)
Go for Gold Philippines godfather Jeremy Go

The Federation International Basketball Association (FIBA) has signed a promotional partnership with Go for Gold Philippines in Mies, Switzerland to run promotions related to the worldwide competitions in the country till June 30 next year.

Go For Gold is the country’s leading lottery scratch card brand produced by Powerball Marketing & Logistics Corporation

Powerball vice president for marketing Jeremy Go said promotion is aimed at encouraging more young individuals to pursue excellence through sports and is already involved with a variety of sports in the Philippines.

This new partnership is designed to generate overwhelming enthusiasm among Filipino basketball fans with the upcoming FIBA World Cup 2019, where the Philippines Gilas team will be competing for the second straight time.

Director General of FIBA Media and Marketing Services (FMMS) Frank Leenders said: “The national team competitions within FIBA basketball are key. We want to capture more attention and more followers for FIBA basketball.’’

“We want the fans to get excited about their national team moving towards our primary competitions. By seeking out partners in the Philippines and by bringing the FIBA Basketball World Cup Trophy to the country, we’re engaging our fans and helping them to feel a part of the World Cup competition this year,” added Leenders

The collaboration will be launched with the attempt of Go For Gold to break the Guinness World Record for the most number of people dribbling basketballs simultaneously at the same venue.

The record for most people dribbling simultaneously was 7,556 during an event organized by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency in Rafah, Gaza Strip, Palestine on 22 July, 2010.

Go For Gold are aiming for at least 10,000 dribblers during the upcoming event held at the Mall of Asia on 21 July.

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