Powerhouse frontline for 76ers

Al Horford (AP Photo/Mary Schwalm)
Al Horford (AP Photo/Mary Schwalm)

NEW YORK (AFP) – Five-time NBA All-Star center Al Horford signed with the Philadelphia 76ers as forward Tobias Harris rejoined the team on Wednesday to complete deals that were revealed last week.

The moves give the 76ers a powerhouse frontline, adding former Boston star Horford as the player who gave returning Philadelphia star center Joel Embiid the most trouble of any rival next season.

Toegether with Australian guard Ben Simmons directing the attack, the 76ers figure to challenge the Milwaukee Bucks for supremacy in the Eastern Conference next season.

In Los Angeles, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George made their move to the Los Angeles Clippers official on Wednesday, with the NBA team announcing Leonard’s signing and George’s trade deal with Oklahoma City.

Details of Leonard’s contract were not revealed by the Clippers, but ESPN and The Athletic website said Leonard’s deal was for three years and not four as originally thought when the decisions were unveiled last week.

The reported three-year deal worth $103.1 million, rather than a four-year contract for $142 million, and times with George’s 2018 deal for four years at $136.9 million to give each player an opt out clause ahead of the 2021-22 season, according to unamed sources in the reports.

If true, the Clippers could offer Leonard four years at $196 million in 2021 and pitch George a five-year deal worth $254 million at the same time.

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