Raid at BI unit yields nabbed items

Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente has revamped the warden facility protection unit  in Camp Bagong Diwa, Taguig City.

Morente made the changes following a surprise raid by a special team headed by  intelligence officer Melody Penelope Gonzales.

The inspection yielded numerous items illegally kept inside the detainees’ sleeping quarters, including more than P100,000, way above the allowable P5,000.

“These were accounted for, and we asked them to wrap their money in paper, seal it, and sign it.  They were likewise given acknowledgement receipts, as these will be returned to them upon implementation of their deportation,” Gonzales said.

She also reported that other prohibited items, like laptops, chargers, speakers, tablets, cellular phones, DVD players, power banks, casino chips, carpentry tools, cigarettes, lighters, knives, carpentry tools, and pirated DVDs were also seized.

Gonzales said the electronic gadgets  were subjected to forensic examination following reports of illegal activities by the detainees.

Morente ordered the relief of WFPU head Niño Oliver Dato, stressing that “these activities will not be tolerated.”

The detention center houses 212 foreign nationals awaiting deportation. (Jun Ramirez)

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Written by Tempo Desk

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