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THERE’S this meme that circu­lates around social media which says: “The best thing I liked about being a student was not worrying about bills.” Do you find yourself reminiscing about the good old school days when everything was stress-free and everything given to you always seemed enough?

There are actually habits that students do that prove helpful in boosting savings. And the good news is, everyone who wishes to improve their savings can likewise learn and practice them.



One of the major why my al­lowance as a student was always enough is because I didn’t have to buy my own meals. My parents prepared them for me. Nowadays, a decent meal can cost P60 to P150 if you’re on a budget.

If you buy your food from the grocery and prepare them at home for the next day’s packed meal, you would’ve spent only P40 to P100 with plus bonuses alongside such as larger meal proportions and assured clean food handling and preparation.

If you think bringing packed meals is old school, think again. If we just save 150 a day x 20 days = P3,000 a month x 12 months = P36,000 per year. This strategy does not only benefit your finances by saving, it also promotes good health and proper nutrition because you can design your food menu according to your nutritional needs.



A 300 ml bottled water can cost P20 at average while a five gallon water refill at home can cost P50. Imagine how many 300 ml bottles you can refill from that five gallon water refill? If you drink at least three bottled water a day, you’ll have a savings of P60 daily, that’s over P20,000 per year!

According to studies, food busi­nesses actually earn more from their beverage sales rather than their food sales. This is because beverages are a must when we dine, hence, sales are guaran­teed.

Similarly, when you bring your own water bottle and refill it from home, your savings is also guaranteed!



I can still remember when I was a student, I was saving 50 percent of my income. I said income because I started my sales career at 12. If an average allowance ranges from P100 daily and if they just save 50 percent of this to their piggy bank, that will be P10,000 per year.

Students are still dependent with their parents, they practically do not pay for anything, so they can bring in money to their piggy bank. If you practice this habit, you will realize that saving is actually a fun habit when approached with a right attitude and mindset.



I can still remember that I will stay at home and eat my favorite fried eggs, pork and beans meal, and watched cartoons whole day long over the weekends. So I was not practically spending anything. We can also still do that, instead of going out over the weekend which is also costly.

An average day spent outside the home can cost you up to P1,000, and this amount is mostly spent on recreation such as food, coffee, or movies. If you stay at home for three weekends for a month, you will have an additional savings of up to P3,000 x 12 months = P36,000 per year.

I hope I was able to enlighten you in this article and hope you will also share this idea to your loved ones

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Written by Tempo Desk

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