Sunshine pinatawad ang personal assistant



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SUNSHINE Cruz’s former personal assistant who languished in jail for some time due to an estafa case filed by the actress, is now free.

Apparently, Sunshine has decided to forgive her.

Sunshine shared on Instagram how she and her former personal assistant, whom she identified simply as Imelda, had a falling out.

“Nagkamali siya nang bongga, nasaktan ako ng sobra pati mom ko noon because she was not just a PA (personal assistant) to me but I treated her like a sister,” Sunshine wrote.

The actress said Imelda was originally sentenced to serve 40 years but she has since deemed it best to let her spend time with her family.

“Sino ako para hindi magpatawad? She served 16 years sa kulungan,” she added.

Sunshine said Imelda was only too happy to be free, going on to relate how the latter hugged and thanked her.

“Sabi ko pakabait ka na ha? She nodded and assured me that she’ll surely change for the better.” (RAMPADOR ALINDOG)

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Written by Tempo Desk

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