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THE House of Represen­tatives and the Senate have both approved their respective bills seeking to invigorate and further pro­mote our country’s arts and culture. They did so before they went on recess for the upcoming mid-term elec­tions next May.

The House measure, titled the “Philippine National Performing Arts Companies Act” (HB 7785) provides the framework and parameters for designating and subsidiz­ing national performing arts companies in the various art genres and providing them assistance grants to support their missions.

Crafted by Albay Rep. Joey Sarte Salceda, HB 7785 also seeks to honor the chosen National Performing Arts Companies (NPACs) for their noteworthy contributions to the preservation of the country’s arts and culture, and social development and welfare.

The designated NPACs will include a National Bal­let/Contemporary Dance Company, National The­atre Company, National Orchestra, National Choral Group, and National String Ensemble.

They must undertake con­tinuing training programs for their performing artists; promote artistic excellence standards that will help el­evate their genre; conduct research and documentation for the preservation and dis­semination of Filipino art masterpieces; stage annual performances at the Cultur­al Center of the Philippines (CCP); develop inventories of original Filipino works that help define our national cultural identity; and main­tain their well-managed viable organizations.

A 15-member Selection Committee. chosen jointly by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and CCP from a field experts who are knowledge­able in the technical aspects of the performing arts will designate the NPACs. They will elect a Chairperson from among themselves.

To qualify as NPACs, they must be national in scope; maintain high standards of artistic performance excel­lence; have represented the country in international en­gagements and acclaimed by foreign audiences and crit­ics alike; have maintained professional track records of continuing undertakings; and have sustainable orga­nizations and able to match their state subsidies.

The chosen National Bal­let/Contemporary Dance Company, National Orches­tra, and National Theater Company will each be ap­propriated P10 million year­ly, while National Choral Group and National String Ensemble will each get P5 million yearly, both for five years, which may be ad­justed after the period.

These program compo­nents can easily be inte­grated into the mandate of the separate Department of Culture and Arts proposed by Sen. Loren Legarda in a bill now pending in the Senate.

With all these, can we look forward to the golden age of our performing arts?

What do you think?

Written by Tempo Desk

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