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Davao bans backpacks in churches

DAVAO CITY – The security forces in Davao City have prohibited the bringing of backpacks and bulky plastic bags and boxes inside places of worship here to prevent similar bombing incident that hit the Cathedral of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Jolo, Sulu on Sunday leaving 21 people dead and 111 others wounded, Mayor Sara Duterte said.

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In an interview, Duterte told reporters that the implementation of the new policy was part of the new measure implemented by the security forces in Davao after she ordered the police and military to review their security plan for Davao.
The mayor said she will not place the city on lockdown because “it will be very bad for the economy” if she were to do so on top of a martial law, which has been implemented for almost two years.
Public Safety and Security Command Center (PSSCC) head Benito de Leon advised churchgoers to bring small handbags or purses to allow security forces to monitor suspicious activities more efficiently.

“In that manner, we could avoid an incident, wherein some malicious individuals could put in explosive devices in backpacks, the same scheme that happened in Jolo,” de Leon added.

But he said churchgoers are advised to submit themselves for inspection if they could not avoid the bringing of big bags.

Davao Archbishop Romulo G. Valles immediately released an order to all churches prohibiting prohibit bags, backpacks, knapsacks, boxes, and boxes, except for small purses. (Antonio Colina)

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Written by Rey Bancod

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