Catriona Gray may ibinunyag


CATRIONA Gray finally opened up about her hiding in the Philippines after she was crowned Miss Universe in Bangkok, Thailand last Dec. 17.

“Well, I did go into hiding, mostly because I was in the Philippines for a charity event, but it wasn’t actually my homecoming event. So I didn’t really do a lot of interviews or talk to the media,” said Gray, during an interview for Fox News.

She continued: “And another thing is that Christmas and New Year for me is a time for family. I’m an only child, and I’m very, very close with my parents, who actually live in Australia.”

“So before the coronation in Thailand, the only time that I was with them previously, was in March of 2018. So that Christmas and New Year break was only one of the two times in the whole year that I was able to be with them and spend time with them,” Gray said.

“So that is why. And I always take a hiatus, and take quiet time during moments like those, like Christmas and New Year. Because as I said, it’s really a time for family for me. But my family is so proud of me. Especially my mom and dad, being so close to me,” she added.

“And they’re incredibly, incredibly thrilled. I am so blessed to say that they supported me since day one. And for them to be there on the coronation night was very, very special,” Gray said.  (ROBERT R. REQUINTINA)

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Written by Tempo Desk

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