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JUST A THOUGHT: “When words fail, mu­sic speaks.” – Hans Christian Andersen

GRADED A: Graded A by Cin­ema Evaluation Board, Bakwit Boys (T-Rex Entertainment) rises above the showbiz milieu where it is partly set, portraying through finely crafted OPM pop-rock songs the journey of four brothers reaching out for their dreams.

More than being a showbiz success story, “Bakwit” (from evacu­ate) sees a juxtaposi­tion between social reality and personal ambition, how a band of brothers survive by rising above their predicament. The film, by Jason Paul Laxamana, injects just the right amount of inspiration to the fallen, the down­trodden, the victim of calamity, both natural and man-made.

Today’s young people and musike­ros will most likely be drawn to its on-point, with-it songs (by newbie Jhaye Cura) that are rich in both hugot and melody. Along with the music, the idea of brotherhood, how members go the extra mile to care for one another, is most touching and appealing.

“Bakwit Boys,” part of Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino, runs from Aug. 15-21 nationwide. Stars Vance Lar­ena, Mackie Empuerto, Ryle Santiago, Nikko Natividad, Devon Seron.


A SCENE from 'Bakwit Boys'
A SCENE from ‘Bakwit Boys’

THE SOUND OF DREAMS: “Bak­wit Boys” tells the struggles of four brothers, the Bakwit Boys.

When their barangay in Isabela is ravaged by a super-typhoon, the brothers evacuate to Pampanga where they meet Rose (Devon Se­ron), a rich city girl who discovers their musical talent and offers to help them fulfill their dreams of becoming recording artists.

Along the way, individual interests and personal con­flicts create disharmony and test their unity as a family.

The premise, says Laxamana, is inspired by his experiences as a music pro­ducer.

“I collaborat­ed with musicians from Pampanga to Iloilo.”

“We compose songs which we release online and submit to local radio stations. Because local stations mostly prefer songs by Manila-based artists, sharing the music we create to a wider audience is always a challenge. This aspect of my life inspired me to make ‘Bakwit Boys.’”

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Written by Tempo Desk

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