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Cats as ghost-buster

By Kim Atienza

Can cats see ghosts?

These cute and adorable little fur balls may also possibly be ghostbusters.

Notice how some cats deliver sketchy behavior, like staring through thin air or random meowing during the night. Black cats also symbolized darkness and horror.

One story thread which became viral in Twitter mid 2017 even mentioned cats’ strange activities.

The “Dear David Story,” as told by Adam Ellis, through a series of tweets, is about a ghost of a dead child named David who haunts him in his apartment in New York. He began dreaming of a kid with a misshapen head but didn’t initially put much into it until something strange about his cats happened.

For many nights, Adam’s cats started gathering at the front door at exactly midnight just staring at the door. It was as if someone was on the other side.

Talk about being a scared cat.

Cats’ senses are very sharp. They can hear frequencies four to five times higher than humans. Cats’ range of hearing goes up to ultrasonic which are even inaudible to us.

Though their sense of sight only enables them to see two colors (shades of blue and yellow), their eyesight is very sharp in the center of their field of vision.

Their sense of smell also doesn’t come close to us, humans. Cats have approximately 200 million odor-sensitive cells compared to the 5 million odor-sensitive cells that we have.

TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sources):

Carabaos use their horns to keep cool. Made of pure protein, they regulate the carabao’s temperature by cooling off the moment the sun touches the tip of its horns.

Generally speaking, catfishes are timid, slow and unmindful fishes that simply laze around. Very rare would you find a catfish that swims around the tank endlessly.

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