Why some people still don’t have money

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Have you ever heard of the idea of saving and how it can be good for you and your future?

We all have different ways and prac­tices on how we acquire, handle, and grow our money. Some that works for others may not work for us and most of the time we also face certain challenges that make us question the ways we handle our money.

A very common challenge people face today is the lack of money despite drastic measures to acquire it. They ask themselves the question: “Why don’t I have enough money?”

Chances are, they could be having money issues that they fail to acknowl­edge. Let’s take a look at a few of these issues:

  1. Some people rely on others to provide for them

Some people still rely on their parents to provide for their financial needs, some look forward to the monthly allowance that their siblings send them. These are very common scenarios that we see happening today.

When someone else is responsible for our finances, we will not feel the need to work hard to earn it because someone is already doing the hard work for us.

As convenient as it looks, this is not a healthy practice to becoming financially stable and successful. When we under­stand the importance of hard work, we give value to our money accordingly.

  1. Some people dismiss the idea of budgeting

Some people may give in to the con­viction of saving but it is also a fact that some of them dismiss the idea of budget­ing. This becomes the very reason why they still do not have money.

Saving and budgeting are interrelated,

one works best with the other. So if we want to have more money, we need to embrace the concept of budgeting as well.

One promise that budgeting gives us is that we’ll never run out of money. And if only we understand it then we will all be looking forward to this assurance.

When we have a budget, we have a specific allocation for all our identified important expenses, hence, every pay­able is already taken care of.

  1. Some show no interest in financial planning

One reason why it’s so easy for people to squander all their money without feeling bad is because they do not care and they have no interest in their finances.

They have become comfortable with the idea of whether or not they have money. And the scary part of it all is they could usually end up with literally no money!

If we want to have more money, we need to start caring about our money. We need to mind where and how we spend it.

  1. They are not contented with what they have

Another obvious reason why a lot

of people still don’t have money is discontentment. They want that car their neighbor just purchased even though they don’t have the money for it.

They splurge their money dining in fancy restaurants because they’re confident that their credit card can handle the bill. They spend money that they don’t even have!

They long for things they cannot afford, leaving them spending way above their means. The end results include increasing debt, no savings, and depleting bank account!

When we become contented with what we have, we learn to draw the line between having too much and hav­ing enough and we also grow to appreciate every blessing that we now have.

  1. They have issues with entitlement

Many people become so reluctant doing jobs that don’t come in handy. They always want to be on the convenient side of the road.

They feel like they’re too smart for that entry-level job, they believe they’re too talented to be just a regular employee, and they think they’re better than everyone else which leaves them nothing but jobless.

Everyone just wants to be the head, the director, the manager, but here’s the unquestionable truth: We need to work for the things that we want.


Do you sometimes find yourself with no money? How does that make you feel? Are there items identified above that you can relate to? How can you improve your practices so you will not end up with no money?

“When I was young, I used to think that money is the most important thing in life; now that I’m old, I know it is” – Oscar Wilde

-Chinkee Tan

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