Lorenzana calls Joma spoiled brat


Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana yesterday lashed out at Communist Party of the Philippines founding chairman Joma Sison for allegedly calling for a “people’s war for national and social liberation.”

“Mr. Sison is acting like a spoiled brat, which he is, and proves that he is very out of touch with reality here.

Instead of rationally talking with our panel to discuss how to move forward the resumption of the peace talks, he goes into tantrum and orders the New People’s Army to wage a people’s war,” said Lorenzana. “So you think you can force the government to the peace table by waging war? Don’t underestimate President Duterte,” he added.

Lorenzana’s reaction came after Sison was quoted as saying that the suspension of peace talks anew would leave them with no choice but to wage a people’s war.

Sison accused the Duterte administration of unilaterally suspending the peace negotiations that were supposed to start in the last week of June.

Lorenzana said that it is easy for Sison to call for intensified attacks since he is living in comfort in The Netherlands which had granted him political asylum.

The Defense chief said the NPA, the armed wing of the CPP, has been reduced to 4,000 fighters.

“Your so-called army no longer listens to you. They are sick and tired of your lies and rhetoric, and are in fact heeding the call of President Duterte to come down and live peaceful lives and they are doing just that. They have been surrendering in droves since November last year,” said Lorenzana.

“His ego is robbing many of Filipinos, whom he has misled all these years, of what could be their best chance ever to rejoin their families and live productive lives,” he added.

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