Dingdong, dinadaga

By Nestor Cuartero

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NO TO DAGA: Let Dingdong Dantes face off a pack of wolves, a family of rhinoceros, even an armada of dinosaurs; but never ever sit him close to rats. They’re the one and only animal the veteran actor abhors.

dingdong dantes

At the media launch of his new show, “Amazing Earth,” where he is to interact with animals of every species, Dingdong said he couldn’t place how and why he became fearful of rodents.

There’s no particular incident that sparked off such phobia, he said, adding that not even cockroaches could scare him as much.

However, presented with no choice but to talk about rats, and coming face to face with them, in his new Sunday info-tainment show, the actor-director said he wouldn’t flinch.

Asked if he could muster enough courage to do a film like “Ben” (or “Willard”), where the lead actor had a rat for a pet, Dingdong said he’d surely pass up. Not even if he’d be offered to reprise the role played in the original Hollywood film by Lee Montgomery.

EXTRAORDINARY WILDLIFE: “Amazing Earth” features the Philippine presentation of British Broadcasting Company’s (BBC) award-winning series – “Planet Earth II.”

The program, according to director Rico Gutierrez, not only features extraordinary wildlife from all over the world but also brings audiences to various places in the Philippines.

Amazing wildlife stories are photographed by the BBC crew using ultra high definition cameras, remote recording and aerial drone technology.

Dingdong thanked GMA for allowing him a platform to unlock his adventurous side.

Each episode will be shot on location tangential to the story on hand. The show’s premiere episode was shot in Verde Island, Batangas, dubbed as the center of marine biodiversity worldwide.

Dingdong also said he welcomed doing the show, being an advocate of education, youth development, and environmental protection.

He promised to offer wonderful surprises every weekend.

“Amazing Earth” airs every Sunday night after “24 Oras Weekend.”

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