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ROGELIO de la Rosa, Pancho Magalona, Mario Montenegro

rogelio, pancho, mario

By Ronald Constantino

HOLLYWOOD BILLING – The last time, Highspeed listed some actors who changed their names, like Paraluman who was originally billed Mina de Gracia.

Danny Dolor, Star columnist, recalled that in the Hollywood version (“The Avenger”) of “Ang Vengador,” Rogelio de la Rosa was renamed Ramon Delgado. The producers felt that De la Rosa was “too feminine.” He added that in another Hollywood movie, “The Hook,” Pancho Magalona was billed Enrique (his real name) Magalona. This time the reason was Pancho might remind American audience of the “Mexican bandit” Pancho Villa.

MORE NAME CHANGERS – In the ‘70s picture “Igorota,” Mario Montenegro’s name was shortened to Mario Monte. Which didn’t catch on. In his next film the “Brown Adonis,” he was again billed Montenegro.

In the ‘50s, Jose Ejercito was introduced in “R10,000 Pag-ibig.” Soon it was changed to Joseph Estrada, later elected San Juan (Rizal) mayor, senator, vice president, and president.

It’s common knowledge that the real Fernando Poe Jr. was Andy, younger brother of Ronald Allan Kelley Poe. But right from the start, in the late ‘50s, Kuya Ron was already billed FPJ.

As politician, he uses his real name ER (Emilio Ramon) Ejercito. But as actor, ER is billed George (at the times spelled Jorge) Estregan Jr.

Rossana Roces used to be Ana Maceda; Gardo Versoza – Peter Mennen Torres; Priscilla Almeda – Abby Viduya; Patricia Javier – Genesis Canlapan (her real name, used when she was with “That’s Entertainment”).

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