Does this photo finally confirm Ellen Adarna’s alleged pregnancy?

Ellen Adarna
Ellen Adarna

by Neil Ramos

Ellen Adarna
Ellen Adarna
Speculation about media personality Ellen Adarna supposedly having been impregnated by actor John Lloyd Cruz has been rumored for sometime now.

In fact, some even go far as to say Adarna has already given birth and to a baby boy at that.

The truth though is, the matter is still very much unconfirmed what with the couple still seemingly only too eager to keep their silence abut it.

But silence could only go so far.

Over the weekend, an alleged photo of Adarna showing her baby bump emerged on various online sites, including PEP and Fashionpulis.

The first photo shows an obviously pregnant woman who resembles Adarna walking behind a man that could also be Cruz. It was seemingly taken from afar, however, and is quite blurry.

Then again, a much clearer photo has since spread.

It shows a pregnant woman who looks very much like Adarna basking in the sun alongside several others.

So is this finally a confirmation of Adarna’s alleged pregnancy?

Well, until at least one of them break their silence and admit to it we will never know for sure.

What do you think?

Written by Tempo Online

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