Bias against black cats

By Kim Atienza

Racism is a rampant problem in society today. People from different races and places are calling each other out and clashing as if one’s skin color determines his or her capability and value as a person.

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Unfortunately, racism does not only exist among humans. It is also evident in the Animal Kingdom.

Take black cats, for instance. For centuries, they have been considered unlucky, a symbol of bad omen.

Back in the old times, black cats were associated with Satan, witches, witchcraft. People believed that black cats were partners with witches or some even believed that black cats were witches in their animal form. They also believed then that cats were the reincarnation of witches.

Because of these beliefs, black cats were considered outcasts and were treated with utmost hostility. Centuries before, because of the superstitions about cats and their negative reputation, there had been horrific mass killings of black cats in history.

To this day, these black colored felines have not yet totally liberated themselves from their dark image.

It’s such a relief that nowadays, the mass killings of black cats has stopped.

However, black felines continue to be disliked by many. Hindi sila accepted unlike cats of other colors.

Rare are the cases of black cats getting adopted because of their so-called dark image.

TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sources): Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake is the largest snake native to North America reaching 6 feet long.

Love for snakes is called Ophiophilia.

Fear for snake is called Ophidiophobia.

A specialist in snake is called Ophiologist.

Recent fossil evidence suggests that snakes directly evolved from Burrowing Lizards.

Asian vine snakes are said to have binocular vision.

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