Rhian Ramos survives hit-and-run scare

By Neil Ramos

Just a few days after actress Jessy Mendiola opened up about surviving a near road mishap as caused by her sleepy driver, actress Rhian Ramos has come out to share her own experience with a similarly distracted driver not on her payroll.

Taking to Twitter on Friday, she shared, “So this Thelman Bus WRQ214 just hit the front of my van while entering the EDSA flyover from SLEX. Didn’t even stop, he just kept on going. Ugh.”

Ramos was quick to assure worried fans her beautiful face and body were not damaged in any way from the event but her van was.

Not that she gives a hoot.

She posted, “Nothing broken, it’s just a scratch and honestly I’ve never really cared about how the van looks as long as it runs well…”

The actress didn’t seem too eager to file a report about the incident to proper authorities.

If anything, she went on to urge transportation companies to “really invest in well-trained drivers.”

“It’s kind of a safety issue,” she added.

For sure.

What do you think?

Written by Tempo Online

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