By Ronald Constantino

EXHAUSTION – The Oxford American Desk Dictionary defines burntout as: 1. Physical or emotional exhaustion 2.

Extinguishing of a rocket motor when fuel is exhausted.

See, even a machine can be burntout. How much more a human being, made of flesh and blood and bones.

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The result is a meltdown, a breakdown.

If you ask me, what Sarah Geronimo experienced while performing in Las Vegas was both emotional and physical exhaustion. Yes, burntout. One can only take so much. Thank God there’s a Matteo Guidicelli to comfort her…even if he’s miles and miles away.

A Viva insider said that even before Sarah’s Manila concert, Sarah was already showing signs of being burntout.

Difficult to deal with, which ordinarily she wasn’t, being a sweet and an obedient girl.

A good rest for Sarah is in order, preferably away from it all. And if possible, with Matteo around.

LLOYDIE & ELLEN – What John Lloyd Cruz suffered was also a case of burntout, more physical than emotional. Lloydie was simply overworked. He decided that enough was enough; took a leave of absence and enjoyed life, mostly travelling with sweetheart Ellen Adarna.

By the way, is Ellen about to give birth? Or has already given birth?

Whatever, may Lloydie and Ellen have a good life…from here to…(well, no one really knows).

MONEY IS GOOD BUT…Said to be in the same burntout boat not too long ago was Vice Ganda. Imagine having a daily show, yes, Monday to Sunday. Vice also does movies and concerts and commercials. Must be really tiring.

Of course, the money is good…and might be too hard to resist. Still one can always say no.

Now, if Sarah Geronimo has Matteo Guidicelli and John Lloyd Cruz has Ellen Adarna, how about Vice Ganda? TR is gone, but how about EF and RA?

What do you think?

Written by Tempo Online

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