Why Paolo identifies with ‘My 2 Mommies’

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By Ronald Constantino

TRADITION – Regal revives its tradition to offer Mother’s Day movies via “My 2 Mommies,” with Paolo Ballesteros and Solenn Heussaff in the title roles. Remember when Mother Lily Monteverde used to come up with star-studded films come Mother’s Day?

Also starring child actor Marcus Cabais, Joem Bascon, Diane Medina, Debraliz, Mich Liggayu, Ray Gallion, and the Diamond Star Miss Maricel Soriano, “My 2 Mommies” opens May 9.

Written by Joey Reyes and directed by Eric Quizon.

LIFE IMITATES – Now, why does Paolo identifies with his role in “My 2 Mommies”? In the film, Paolo’s a discreet, successful gay who, after several years, learns he has a seven-year-old son. The product of a drunken one-night stand with Solenn.

Well, in real life, Paolo has a daughter – nine going on 10 – “made” in New York, a brief affair with a college sweetheart. Then Paolo was, more or less, in the closet. Paolo hastens to add that he and the mother of the girl (based in Baguio) are in good terms. And that he likes to think he’s a good father.

Which is the message of “My 2 Mommies,” being a good mother has nothing to do with gender, sexual orientation or inclination. It’s really giving unconditional love to a child, whether biological or adopted.

Solenn agrees, saying in this day and age, people are more open-minded, more accepting.

Indeed, life imitates art.

WHAT IF – Paolo reveals that to date his daughter hasn’t asked about his sexuality. But he feels the child more or less knows the situation. She sees Paolo’s photos in varied make-up, looking like this and that actress.

What if she starts asking questions? Then Paolo says he’ll explain everything as gently as possible, confident she’ll understand. He’ll tell her no matter what, the “two mommies” love her dearly.

‘WEIRD’ – English-speaking Marcus was asked if he understood what was being talked about. The boy said sort of, “It’s weird.” But he added it seemed “Okay.”

Joem, looking much thinner (and handsomer), a self-confessed “Mama’s Boy,” has played gay roles and so he understood perfectly “unconventional motherhood.” He plays Paolo’s lover in “My 2 Mommies.”

He says that love had nothing to do with gender, “Basta nagmamahalan di importante kung bakla o tomboy o straight.”
So there.

What do you think?

Written by Tempo Online

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