Herco Trading to deliver more services in 2018


HercoOver the past years, Herco Trading Philippines, one of the largest and most established hardware companies in the Philippines, has been a trailblazer in the hardware industry that continuously provides premium products in the market. As part of the thriving industries, prioritizing and delivering the best customer experience and allowing access to an exceptional customer service has been its goal.

Committed to quality and proud enablers in the hardware industry, Herco Trading Philippines proudly announces the availability of their digital channel through the #DoMoreWithHerco campaign which was evident on the event collaterals seen in the recent events Herco participated in.

Responding to the rapid growth of the Philippine hardware market, Herco saw the need to be visible online. Comprised of a predominantly young mobile population, Filipinos are early adaptors of the mobile age. With the emergence of new technology, Herco Trading wants to be close to its consumers- hearing each consumer’s interest and preference ranked one in priority.

Last month, Herco Trading Philippines joined the WorldBex 2018 and Kwikset Roadshow events where the press and customers were treated to series of activities such as in-booth activations, hands on experience, participating in contests and exhibitions and various interviews with experts in the hardware industry.

Welcoming the Herco community, Wilfred Co, CEO and President of Herco Trading Philippines expressed how amazing the first half of the year has been for the company.

“I have been struck by the magnitude of changes that the industry is up to. As heavy users of social networking sites, Filipinos are constantly looking for products online. We want to strengthen our presence online and update our customers from time to time.”

Technology had truly revolutionized the way this generation lives. The different mediums to communicate and transact have now gone mobile. The necessity to stay connected has become so integral that brands need to follow where their consumers are. Conversations and business transactions became easier and convenient with the help of bot and e-commerce sites online, making the demand and market growth exciting and more challenging for the brands. Purchasing items online seemingly increased with emerging innovations digital marketers offer- Herco wants to head this path and will continue to look for ways to make their products closer to their customers.

“This marks the beginning of more opportunities for Herco, as our partners enrich our capabilities and knowledge of the digital market. We want to know our market online. We’re bringing it close to them and digital is one way of reaching out to our target market,” said Co. “These innovations and series of events will build on our strengths, and bring us to the forefront of trading, marketing, and soon global distribution.”

Herco will embark on more exciting events and digital campaigns moving forward as it expands its roster of brands and product portfolio.

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