‘Meow! More pa’

By Ronald Constantino

MORE TO COME – This is a sequel of sorts to the recent items on catty Hollywood actresses. So “Meow! More pa.” As always, source is Boze Hadleigh’s “Hollywood Babble On.”

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Maggie Smith. She’s better on stage, from a distance. On screen, up close, she makes you want to dive for cover. – ELSA LANCHESTER

Poor Elsa. She left England because it already had a queen – Victoria. And she wanted to be queen of the Charles Laughton household, once he became a star, but he already had the role. – MARLENE DIETRICH

Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons. They were bitches. – ELIZABETH TAYLOR

Hedda was worse than Louella. She was more vindictive. She didn’t make it till later in life. – BARBRA STREISAND
Jayne Mansfield is to Marilyn Monroe what Richard Nixon is to Eisenhower – a crummy imitation and would be successor.


Before the war, actresses had personality, positive or negative. Nowadays it’s mostly a busty façade, without much personality behind it. When Marilyn Monroe keeps repeating that she wants to be taken seriously as a performer, I keep asking myself. Then why does, she keep on accepting those idiotic roles? – VIVIEN LEIGH

Marilyn was the last classic sex symbol. Who do they have now? Only Raquel Welch, who makes Marilyn look talented, and a few TV bimbo types like Suzanne Somers and Farrah Fawcett. When TV starts supplying Hollywood’s sex symbols, you know that sex, interesting sex, is dead. – GLORIA GRAHAME

If you want downer, listen to a Piaf (Edith) record. If you want an upper, listen to Ethel Merman record. It’s better than drugs. – PATSY KELLY

Eartha Kitt sounds like a cat in heat. – ETHEL MERMAN

Who ever told Dinah Shore she could sing? – JOAN HACKET

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