‘Ogag’ and ‘damatan’

By Ronald COnstantino

NOT REALLY – The Pinoy slang, “Ogag” and “damatan,” are not really new, but they gained attention lately…thanks to a character actor. He was fuming mad – green at the gills and fit to be tied, in a manner of speaking – because of what a movie scribe wrote, not at all favorable to the actor.

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‘Ogag,’ was the actor’s exact word (meaning gago) and warned the matanda (damatan), he’d sue. Let’s wait and see how things will end (in all probability settled amicably).

Well, no matter how aggrieved and furious one is, respect for a “thunder” (meaning elderly), especially if one is already a lola, is called for.

Showbiz has lots of thunder, but definitely not over the hill (laos, osla, laosian deep). Such durables (also called living treasures) come to mind: Eddie Garcia, Dante Rivero, Tirso Cruz III, Christopher de Leon, Ronaldo Valdez, Robert Arevalo, Eddie Gutierrez.

The likes of Richard Gomez, Ricky Davao, Robin Padilla, Albert Martinez, Joel Torre, John Estrada, Gabby Concepcion, Aga Muhlach are “too young” to be called thunder. Only in their 50s. Not yet damatan are they?

Actually, Ogag or gago, salbahe, landi ka, tanda ka na, tindi mo can be said with, yes, affection. It depends on how those words are said…and the situations.

‘PASAWAY’ – Mareng Winnie (Monsod) discussed the pros and cons of divorce in her GMA show “Wag Kang Pasaway,” with priest and congressman as guests. As expected, the man of cloth (against divorce) and the lawmaker (for divorce) stood their ground. Like East and West, never the twain shall meet.
Mareng Winnie understood and suggested some kind of compromise. Let the Catholic Church do its thing, but allow the government to legalize divorce. After all, survey last year showed that 60 percent of Filipinos are in favor of divorce. Good enough.
As for her last word, she strongly advised all those planning to get married to think twice, thrice, a hundred times. To take marriage lightly is being “pasaway.” Mareng Winnie’s been married for nearly 60 years to former Comelec Chairman Christian Monsod.

ANILAG 2018 – Ongoing until March 17 is Ani ng Laguna (Anilag) Festival, which focuses on the province’s rich harvest, culture, professional pool of manpower. Anilag 2018 is led by Gov. Ramil Hernandez.
Binibini and Ginoong Laguna leads this year’s festival. Highspeed contributor Mel Caparas said that Leren Mae Bautista, Alden Richards, Jeric Gonzales, Jack Roberto are products of the pageant.

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Written by Tempo Online

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