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Sharon blasts neighbor’s noisy condo construction


ACTRESS Sharon Cuneta has complained about the construction of her neighbor’s condominium unit, saying that it brought stress to her family.

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“Construction in my upstairs neighbor’s condo is driving us nuts! It’s been about a year na,” said Cuneta on Facebook. Her complete post:

“We are sleep-deprived & the noise is stressful for me, my husband and and my children when we are home, that living in a beautiful building that has its own hotel and restaurants (and that cost more than what I sold our Wack-Wack house for!?!) still makes us all want to move out and check into a nearby hotel or transfer to a house or another condo!;

“I understand how uncomfortable it is for a homeowner to have to do some construction in his own property and know he’s inconveniencing and bothering neighbors;

“I am usually very understanding. It’s just that we have been told over and over for about a year already that it would take ‘just one more month or two na lang…’ and we are so sick and tired of hearing it;

“I get palpitations just by anticipating the noise! And this morning, the loud pukpukan woke me up. And if you’ve ever been in my position, you know how WAKING UP LIKE THAT DOES NOT MAKE FOR A PLEASANT FIRST SEVERAL MINUTES!!!;

“I won’t say day because I have so much else to be happy about. But please, please Lord let this end soon. I might as well have moved back to Dasma or Forbes;

“Would’ve cost me just a little more to do so. Haaaaaayyyyy….. Patience, Miss uniberso y Miss unicorn (I Love unicorns now besides owls! Maiba lang ang topic.) haaaaaaaaaaayyyu…Dios mio ayudame!!!” Cuneta said.

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Written by Robert Requintina

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