Beauty queens’ winning answers

FUNNY – Here are the winning answers of beauty queens, starting with Melanie Marquez’s, 1979 Miss International.

Question: What part of your body would you change?

Answer: I won’t change my legs because I’m contented with my long-legged.

Funny, but then she won the Miss International crown, after Gemma Cruz and Aurora Pijuan. After Melanie, came Precious Lara Quigaman, Bea Rose Santiago, and Kylie Versoza. Yes, there are six Filipinas who won the Miss International crown.

Melanie has colorful lovelife, getting involved with Pinoy (Lito Lapid), Arab, Chinese (Derek Dee), and American (Adam Lawyer based in Utah). Seems that Melanie has found her “forever” in Mr. Lawyer.

WITTY – Now let’s segue to Charlene Gonzalez, Miss Universe 1994 finalist.

Question: How many islands in the Philippine are there?

Answer: High tide or low tide?

The country has 7,000 islands, more or less, depending on the tide, high or low. Witty answer.

Charlene went on to become a successful actress and eventually married Aga Muhlach. They are parents of adorable twins Andres and Atasha. Before Charlene, Aga went steady with the Miss Universe from Puerto Rico, Dayanara Torres, who married and divorced singer Marc Anthony.

PROFOUND – Here’s a profound one from Ruffa Gutierrez, 1993 Miss World Second Princess.

Question: What would you tell a girl who’s suffering from low-esteem to make her feel better about herself?

Answer: I’ll tell her to believe in herself, because it’s not only physical beauty that’s important but also inner beauty. Like what the “Little Prince” said, “What is essential in invisible to the naked eye.” And I believe that character and personality are more important than physical beauty.

If you asked this columnist, with that profound answer, Ruffa should have won the Miss World title. No matter, Ruffa went on to become a fine actress and top emcee.

She married Turkish businessman Yilmaz Bektas. Their marriage was annulled. They have two pretty and smart daughters, Lorin and Venice.

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