Martin admits having two women at same time

SINGER Martin Nievera has admitted that he had relationships with two women at the same time but advised the public not to do it.

“Yes!” said Nievera, when asked if he had relationships with two women at the same time, during an interview on “Tonight With Boy Abunda” on ABS CBN.

Nievera, however, regretted being in that kind of situation. He did not identify the two women.

“You know children, sometimes, time overlaps. Sometimes you are finished you didn’t know you were finished because you were just starting and you were finished, but I did!” the 55-year-old singer said.

Asked about lessons learned, Nievera said: “The lesson I learned is that it’s not fair to the women. We think we’re doing everything for our pleasure and it doesn’t work.”

“Someone’s gonna get hurt and usually it’s one of the women. That kind of pain affects the life of the women more than the man. So I will not advise it,” Nievera added.

Nievera was previously married to singer-actress Pops Fernandez in 1986.

It was in 1982 when Nievera and Fernandez met for the first time and they got married four years later. They have two sons – Robin and Ram.

In 1999, Fernandez filed for annulment of her marriage to Nievera for alleged infidelity. A year later, this was granted by the court.

Nievera then had a long-time relationship with Katrina Ojeda. They had a son but they already broke up.

These days, Nievera has a new girlfriend who is not into show business.

Fernandez, 51, is still single although she has dated other men over the years.

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Written by Robert Requintina

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