‘Mga tanong na walang sagot’


NO ANSWERS, PLEASE – At a lull in a presscon, writers played a guessing game, “mga tanong na walang sagot.”

Why do they call a director “Santo Santito”?

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Who’s the young actor “na lubog sa utang”? ( Actually there are at least two of them.)

Who’s the “take home” starlet? How about among actors? Are there also “take home” boys? (But of course.)

How many actresses have undergone facelifts, especially nose reconstruction?

(Too many to speculate. One writer said it was easy to detect. Watch their old movies and TV shows. Look at their old pictures. Compare. From “pangong ilong” and “kirat na mata” and “makapal na labi” to “flawless facial features.”

Well, nothing wrong with that.)

NAME THAT – Call this name game. Give the real name of that actor and actress.

Richard Faulkerson Jr. – Alden Richards.

Jane Guck – Jaclyn Jose

Bartolome Alberto Mott – Tom Rodriguez

Phylbert Angelie Fagestrom – Bea Alonzo

Beethoveen del Valle Bunagan – Michael V

Mara Hautea Schnittka – Julia Montes

Cesar Manhilot – Cesar Montano

Rachel Salman Taleon – Dawn Zulueta

What do you think?

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