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Kris allows son Bimby to read attacks against him

TELEVISION and movie personality Kris Aquino has said that her son Bimby is aware of attacks against him on social media.

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“I let him read the post attacking him & I thank God he said he wasn’t affected at all because he knows himself well enough & he only felt bad because he saw me sad,” said Aquino on Instagram.

“This is a heartfelt thank you from a mom who went through the past 6 days questioning herself about her judgment in allowing her son’s life to not be private,” Aquino added.

Aquino, 46, made the reaction after she claimed on IG that her son was “senselessly bullied.”

“I’m only human, and more than that – I am a mother. When my son was senselessly bullied – any mother would have been w/in her rights to defend & fight back;

“But when you are Kris Aquino mangingibabaw na kailangan hindi mo hayaan saktan ka ng mga salita dahil pinalaki ka para maging matatag;

Bawal din bumawi ng kasing “Bastos” na salita dahil pinalaki kang may breeding kahit binabalahura na ang pagkatao nyong mag-ina,” said Aquino on IG.

In a separate post on social media, Aquino shared a quote: Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pigs like it.” Apparently, the post of Aquino was meant for her bashers.

“Pasensya na pero hindi ako pinalaki para makipagsapalaran sa kabastusan. I strive to earn an honest living, pay my 35% in income tax as a responsible citizen, share my blessings by opening more food outlets that will provide more jobs, continue supporting feeding & outreach programs under the missions of my Catholic Faith, and above all else be the best mother I can be;

“My Mom didn’t raise me to just be a survivor, she raised me to be a deserving winner. Kick me down, and time has taught me – someone in heaven just makes sure to strengthen my wings,” added Aquino, who is busy with her food businesses and endorsements these days.

Aquino has completed shooting for her first Hollywood movie “Crazy Rich Asians.” Kevin Kwan, author of the popular novel, said: “I think the audiences are going to love it.” The film has yet to be shown.

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Written by Robert Requintina

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