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Still about ex-partners

MORE AND MORE – Yes, still about ex-partners.

I know they nicknamed us “Cash and Cary,” but I never asked (Woolworth heiress) Barbara Hutton for a penny. I never married for money, that’s the God’s truth. I may not have married for very sound reasons, but money was the least of them. – CARY GRANT

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I was married to Britt Eklund. I do not advise marriage to a blonde actress. – PETER SELLERS

Shirley Jones should have become a bigger star than she did. She can do more than play a goody-goody, but she had the bad luck to be a good looking blonde who is not a sex symbol. I admit that her stardom, when she was in “Oklahoma!,”

was very attractive to me. I wanted to be a movie star, myself. I married Shirley, and with time I found out that in his life you almost never get what you want, or you end up not wanting what you got. It’s too bad. – JACK CASSIDY

What’s it like being married to Dorothy Hamill? Sometimes it’s like skating in thin ice. – DEAN PAUL MARTIN

Ali MacGraw is a good wife for me. We’re both actors, but neither of us is a great, big, fat talent, and she’s not wild about her career, which suits me fine. – STEVE McQUEEN

(Steve’s first wife was half-Filipina, Neille Adams. Her mother was Miami Salvador, the sister of Master Showman Lou Salvador.)

We started as husband and wife, but it ended like brother and sister. – ELIZABETH TAYLOR on Michael Wilding.

Our was not a passionate marriage; it was a wonder friendship, and that is as good a reason as any to get married. – MARGARET LEIGHTON on Michael Wilding.

Sean (Penn) tried to be a good husband.He just tried too hard. – MADONNA

Shelly Winters has a fondness for Italian men. She married me and Anthony Franciosa. But she doesn’t like Italy enough, and to me it was more important to be at home in Italy than to be in America with her. Mamma Italia comes first. – VITTORIO GASSMAN

(Source: “Hollywood Babble On” by Boze Hadleigh)

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