Coleen believes in financial independence

Coleen Garcia
Coleen Garcia


ACTRESS Coleen Garcia has said that she and future husband Billy Crawford have already discussed their future children and the finances that go with it.

“If he does, he must really have his own reasons for saying that. Ako naman I would base it on my own judgment. So I’m still able to decide what to do with myself, what I can and I can’t do,” said Coleen, when asked a hypothetical question if she would give up her career once married, during an interview on “Tonight With Boy Abunda” on ABS CBN. “Ako kasi if I have children, gusto ko ako ‘yung tututok.”

On children, Coleen said: “We were asked a lot (about it) so might as well talk about it. We have talked about it. Definitely it’s part of our progression as a couple.

“It’s not gonna happen right after the wedding. I feel like I’ve said this before that I want to work on our dynamics as a couple, as a married couple.

“I want to know how we will be able to tackle our problems. I want to know how we will face everything before we actually have a child because I want to be able to set everything aside.”

On money, Coleen said: “We started to talking about it when we purchased our house and when we started with the wedding planning. Prior to that we’ve been pretty independent with our finances.

“But now, I’m the type kasi na nahihiya talaga for asking other people. So I still want to support my own wants and needs and everything.

“Siguro everything that we purchase together, or everything that we do together like the house, the bills, and everything, we help each other with that.

“Pero ‘yung mga personal na gusto ko, like if I want to buy something for myself, I work for that,” said Coleen.

Although they have a joint account the Kapamilya stars maintain their own personal bank accounts.

“Kasi I don’t want him to feel that I deprive him of buying what he wants to get for himself because he really works hard also,” she said.

Asked when did she realize she really loves Billy, Coleen said: “I realized whenever he is gone, like out of the country, iba na pag wala sya. And it was something I didn’t want to feel.

“Very persistent. He is a very persistent person and I am thankful for that!” Coleen added.

Coleen and Billy are set to get married anytime this year.

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