Stir-fried ice cream started in Thailand

Stir-fried ice cream started in Thailand
Stir-fried ice cream started in Thailand
Stir-fried ice cream started in Thailand
Stir-fried ice cream
started in Thailand

by Kim Atienza

We have always known ice cream to be, well….cold as snow.

But, what’s this new trend called Stir-fried ice cream? Well, such delicacy started in Thailand in 2009. It was introduced in the Philippines in 2015, thanks to a viral video of a man making the stir-fried ice cream in 3 minutes.

It showed the process of making such food item, how they “stir-fry” it on a cold plate and roll it up.

Recently on our Matanglawin TV show (Sunday mornings at 9:45 on Channel 2), we also featured the Yoghurt House in Sagada.

The place serves yoghurt like it was ice cream; with fruits, cookies, and even as a crepe. Yoghurt has good bacteria (probiotics) and is a healthier alternative to ice cream and other sugar-rich sweets, good for those who are conscious of their diet.

TRIVIA PA MORE (Various Sources): The Philippines has always been hailed as a place rich in biodiversity, where there are several endemic plant animal life and where the diversity of animal species is high.

Toy dogs are small breeds of dogs including Shih Tzu, Poodles, Chihuahuas, Maltese Pomeranians and Havenese dogs.

Poodles were so special to the Greeks and Romans that they were featured in ancient coins.

The word poodle comes from the German word “pudelhund” or warer dog because hunters used to command poodles to fetch fallen birds or ducks from ponds.

The earthworm has no lungs so it breathes through its skin but it can have as many as ten hearts.

The grizzly bear signs with its five claws, while the black bear will mark a tree with its four claws.

Blue Tangs are born yellow and will gradually turn blue and sometimes turn purplish when stressed.

Clownfish can be born male and female. They can switch their sex later on in life when needed.

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Written by Tempo Online

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