Holiday presents the whole family will love!

Beko Refrigerators
Beko Refrigerators

During Christmas, it is customary to buy individual gifts for those who are near and dear, especially that we want to make them feel special. But, who says that everyone on your list needs a holiday present of their own? Sometimes, it’s the gift for the whole family that gets them even more excited. More so, if it’s an item that can make everyday life a lot better for the entire family.

Home appliances are not just fun but useful gifts that the whole household can enjoy particularly if it will give your family that much-needed upgrade. Giving appliances as gifts not only improves your family’s lifestyle, it gives them something that will last for many years to come.

To help you find the right home appliances, experts from Beko Philippines, one of the largest appliance brands in Europe, listed some of the latest trends that can help you in buying your holiday’s biggest gifts for your household.

Keeping goods fresh for a month is now possible!

Beko Refrigerators
Beko Refrigerators

Keeping the freshness of perishables while preserving their nutritive value for a much longer time is a common challenge that families have to contend with. Good thing BEKO brings technology that addresses this modern-day issue

BEKO Refrigerators are equipped with EverFresh+ Technology. With this innovation, the special crisper compartment has a precisely controlled humidity. The condensation is also reduced through air channels, as well as the temperature variations are minimized so, your fruit and vegetables stay crisp and fresh for up to three times longer than normal (up to 30 days). This means, thanks to Beko EverFresh+, your fresh foods are just as tasty as the first day.

Meanwhile, BEKO Refrigerators also has NeoFrost Technology that allows for a perfect airflow rate and temperature level through the help of the powerful Active Dual Cooling system. It allows for stable and faster cooling, both in the fridge and freezer compartments, keeping your food fresh and crisp as if they’ve been freshly picked. So, your everyday meals are sure to be healthy and delicious, like you always want them to be. It also prevents air transfer inside the fridge and freezer compartments keeping food safe from cross-contamination.

BEKO Refrigerators also keep fruits and greens fresh and crisp better because of its Active Blue Light Technology. This breakthrough technology continues the process of photosynthesis making it possible to retain their natural flavors and nutritional value.

Laundry time can be your chill time

BEKO Washing machines
BEKO Washing machines

Washing machines are often the noisiest appliance you have. The chugging, churning sounds made by the moving parts together with the swishing and swirling clothes and the splashing sounds can be annoying.

But BEKO Washing Machines takes laundry time to a whole new and more quiet level through its ProSmart Inverter Motor Technology. It uses a motor system that eradicates the friction between the washing machine’s small parts, allowing for three times quieter wash time.

BEKO’s ProSmart Inverter Motor Technology also provides increased efficiency and reliability combining different wash motions that deliver a superior washing experience. It also saves 60 percent more energy than the other A+++ washing machines.

Cooking multiple dishes all at once is now a breeze

BEKO cookers
BEKO cookers

Today’s induction hobs are gaining popularity because of their useful features. But, there is still a lot more uses these cookers have to offer, especially when cooking multiple dishes.

Whenever you need to prepare your family’s favorite dishes, a typical cooker or induction hob can only allow you to cook a limited number of dishes all at once.

But BEKO’s trailblazing cookers lets you prepare multiple dishes at the same time. Its IndyFlex+ Technology uses eight accurately arranged and separate coils that allow you to configure the size and the number of pans that you can use all at the same time.

The IndyFlex+ Technology also creates eight different cooking zones that can either be combined or independently managed for all pan sizes.

Meanwhile, if you fancy multi-level cooking, BEKO also integrated an efficient solution for its oven offerings. With the BEKO Surf® technology, in addition to the hot air from the fan, hot air is also blown from the side and back walls of the oven into the center, allowing everything to cook evenly. This uniform air circulation cooks every inch of your proud creations to perfection. You can also cook multiple dishes in BEKO Ovens without mixing the flavors or aromas. BEKO Surf® technology also cooks everything up to 30 percent faster. So, your famous sponge cake will rise up so perfectly the family might hesitate to eat it.

“This Christmas season, the best present that you can give to your family is the gift of ease and comfort in tackling your everyday challenges,” said Dyeun Zapanta, Sales and Marketing Head of Beko Philippines. “As we aspire to become the Official Partner of the Everyday, we want to help you make your household livelier not only during the holidays but also for the coming years ahead through BEKO’s line of cutting-edge appliances.”

Since its inception in 2015, BEKO Philippines continues to gain support from Filipinos. The brand already doubled its distribution and tripled its sales through its improved and aggressive product line that continuously meets the need of the local market.

BEKO Philippines is now on an expansion phase as it opens its door to other retail business partners in a bid to reach more Filipinos and become their Official Partner of the Everyday through appliances that make life more convenient and stress-free.

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