Four outstanding active directors

Laurice Guillen

by Ronald Constantino

THEN – Highspeed the past issues of focused on outstanding directors THEN.

To recall briefly:

National Artists – Gerry de Leon, Bert Avellana, Eddie Romero, Manuel Conde, Lino Brocka, Ishmael Bernal.

Those who died not too long ago. Gil Portes, Marilou Diaz-Abaya, Celso ad.Castillo, Mario O’Hara, Danny Zialcita.

Laurice Guillen
Laurice Guillen
“Forgotten”– Gregorio Fernandez, Manuel Silos, Carmen Concha, Ateng Osorio, Susana de Guzman, Rosa Mia,Carlos Vander Tolosa, Armando de Guzman, Chat Gallardo.

NOW – Highspeed pays its attention to NOW directors – still active …and acclaimed.

Mike de Leon – Hopefully, his latest film, “Citizen Jake,” topbillled by Atom Araullo, will make the list of this December’s Metro Manila Film Festival entries. His acclaimed films include “Kisapmata,” “Batch ‘81,” “Sister Stella L,” “Bayaning 3rd World.”

Joel Lamangan – His “Flor Contemplacion,” starring Nora Aunor, is acclaimed worldwide. Joel also directed other fine Aunor films, including “‘Bakit May Kahapon Pa?” and “Sidhi.” He’s also stage luminary as director and actor.

Peque Gallaga – Think of “Oro,Plata,Mata,” “Scorpio Nights,” and “Unfaithful Wife.” Peque’s also mentor and stage director. His most outstanding student (La Salle Bacolod) and discovery is Joel Torre.

Laurice Guillen – After the late Marilou Diaz Abaya, Laurice is the most acclaimed woman director. Her award- winning films include “Salome,” one of Gina Alajar’s finest performances, and “Tanging Yaman,” which gave Gloria Romero best actress awards late in her life.

Ms. Guillen is also behind the most successful indie festival, Cinemalaya. She’s also an excellent actress onscreen and onstage. And an acting workshop mentor.

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Written by Tempo Online

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