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Valenciano brothers warn sister Kiana on BF

SINGER Kiana Valenciano has said that her brothers Paolo and Gab trust her boyfriend Sam Concepcion that they even warned her not to hurt him.

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“Before getting into a relationship, I actually go to my brothers first and ask for their advice,” said Kiana during an interview on “Tonight With Boy Abunda” on ABS CBN.

“Usually, in the past, sila ‘yung una. They would meet who the guy is. But with Sam, they already knew him. So when they found out that may something na dun, it was just like ‘well, be careful.’

“They even warned me like ‘don’t hurt him, he’s our friend.’ I’m your sister! But it’s nice ‘cause they are protective over both of us, if that makes any sense,” Kiana said, whose new single is entitled “Misfits.”

Asked how Concepcion is as a boyfriend, Kiana said: “He’s very good. He’s a great guy.”

She said that the best thing about Concepcion is that he is “maalaga.”

“He’s very patient. There are times as a girlfriend I think I do push him to the limit. Not even as a girlfriend, but as a girl, I’d push him to the limit and he remains patient,” said Kiana.

She also admitted that she gets jealous sometimes but did not go into details.

Kiana, daughter of Gary Valenciano and Angeli Pangilinan, said that she is living alone for two years now.

“It was super hard. As in I did talaga everything from researching where I could live, how much I would have to spend per month, per day, per week. And I had to show them all the costings before they even started thinking about it.

“After nung London, bumalik ako ng bahay. Pero dun napansin ng parents ko na parang mas OK ako nung nasa London ako kasi nga I was independent. Instead of being so dependent sa yaya, sa driver, now I live alone,” she said.

Kiana also said that she hates cockroach. “Minsan pumasok ako sa kitchen ko, there was an ipis. And I freaked out because it was running towards me. It wasn’t even running away from me.”

“I finished the whole can of (spray). I said ‘No!’ Things like that or when I have sick days, I have a dog that I still need to even walk or feed, stuff like that.

“For a year I live farther from my parents and from my brother. But now it feels nice being close to family. It’s home!” she said, adding that she lives near her brother.

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Written by Robert Requintina

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