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Books on four great actresses

VILMA Santos

BOOKS, BOOKS – Lately, books on sundry subjects penned by showbiz celebrities have been coming off the press.

Think Charo Santos, Boy Abunda, Rita Avila, Mr. & Mrs.. Richard Poon (nee Maricar Reyes), Pokwang, Kaye Brosas, Noel Ferrer.

Vilma Santos

Which is fine. The more books to read the better.

Even some people are said to be urging BB. Gandanghari to write a tell-all biography. Well if it’ll ruin reputations, forget it. BB doesn’t have to name names and instead – should she write a book – concentrate on her struggles and closet gay turned matinee idol, action star, and award-winning (Urian) actor.

FOUR GREATS – This columnist had said time and again that books on four great actresses ought to be written… and of course published. One by one now:

Gloria Romero – The most regal of all movie queens. From a small town girl ( Mabini, Pangasinan) to top box-office star and fashion model. She was the favorite of the great Ramon Valera.

Who’ll write Glo’s bio? Butch Francisco and no one else.

Rosa Rosal – Recipient of what is considered Asia’s Nobel Prize, the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Public Service, Red Cross in particular. Rose has also an interesting, inspiring life.

The author? Can’t think of any one. Actually, Butch F is also very close to Rose.

NORA AUNOR – The country’s greatest actress, National Treasure and People’s Artist. The Brown Cinderella whose popularity remains unmatched to date. A cult figure. The Superstar.

Ricky Lee, had started writing Nora’s bio years back, but discontinued the book as, in his words, “Not yet time.”

Well , now is the time Ricky.

VILMA SANTOS – Aside from being the Star for All Seasons, Vi is also a public servant: mayor of Lipa, governor of Batangas, and incumbent congresswoman of the lone district of Lipa. A very good one.

Who’ll write her bio? Highspeed suggests Ricky Lo of Star. He’s probably the closest entertainment journalist to Ate Vi.

What do you think?

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