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Denise’s crazy act ending soon

By: Nestor Cuartero

JUST A THOUGHT: “No one is so old as those who have out lived enthusiasm.” – Henry David Thoreau

HAPPY, SAD AND CRAZY: Denise Laurel says she is both sad and happy that her highly successful afternoon drama series, The Better Half, is winding up soon in two weeks.

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‘I feel relieved that I won’t be behaving like a crazy woman at long last,’ she said during a thanksgiving lunch Thursday at ABS-CBN’s 9501 Executive Lounge.

Denise has been earning praise for her moving, touching, effectively wild portrayal of mad-woman-in-love Bianca in the hit series.

She said that she based her portrayal on sheer instinct, aside from reading up on the subject of obsession. Denise admitted the Bianca role has been her most difficult role thus far.

‘I want to take a vacation after this role,’ she said. She said the role is quite draining as Bianca shifts from one emotion to the next as she tries to win back her great love (Carlo Aquino) who’s true love is Camille (Shaina Magdayao).

While admitting that she wants to put Bianca to rest, Denise also said she wished the show wouldn’t end just yet. ‘We have developed great bonding on the show,’ she said.

Shaina, Carlo and JC de Vera echoed the same sentiment.

DANGER, DANGER EVERYWHERE: The lives of Camille (Shaina Magdayao), Marco (Carlo Aquino), Rafael (JC De Vera), and Bianca (Denise Laurel) are at stake as they play the unpredictable game of love to live freely and happily with their better halves, taking viewers on a suspenseful ride in the last two weeks of “The Better Half.”

The show kicks the suspense up a notch as it brings more explosive revelations and thrilling scenes that will make viewers’ hearts pound even harder. Even the stars of the show are also excited for the series’ much-awaited finale, teasing viewers with the stories’ unexpected twists.

HEART POUNDING: “I was surprised when I read the script. I could feel my heart beating. I am sure viewers will be pleased with how the show will end,” said Shaina.

“If you thought Bianca was already bad, well, you have not seen her worst yet. She will make everyone crazy,” teased Denise.

“You will see how far Marco’s love will go for Camille and his sacrifices for her. You will love him even more,” shared Carlo.

HOLD YOUR BREATH WITH SUSPENSE: Since “The Better Half” started airing last February, it has added suspense to viewers’ afternoons and impressed fans with the stars’ performances.

The show has also consistently won its timeslot, hitting an all-time high national TV rating of 18%, according to data from Kantar Media. It is also a daily trending topic as it garners thousands of tweets daily.

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