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BY: Rica Cruz

Hi Ms. Rica:
I’m in my mid-30s, and okay naman ang relationship ko. As with most people, I like getting massages, pero hindi ung may extra service ha! Pero, even if it’s just the regular massage, I always get worried na baka tumigas siya kahit na wala naman akong balak. If ever it happens, does it mean that there’s something wrong? Does that mean that I’m perverted? Is this normal?

Thank you,

Dear S,
It’s not surprising that you’re concerned about it being hard and up during a massage. Siyempre, may feeling na nakakahiya yun di ba? Especially when you have no control over it and it can be felt and seen by your massage therapist. But don’t be shy, because most men get it hard during a massage, therapists are adept and knowledgeable about these. And it’s not because they have to be alert, in case their client is perverted, but it’s because it’s completely normal. It’s part of your bodily function.

Like passing out gas (brping and/or farting), sleeping, snoring, drooling, getting it hard down there is a normal reaction of the body during tension relief and as your body relaxes during a massage. So hindi dapat siya kinakahiya.

As I know it, most massage therapists are trained to normalize these reactions para hindi ka mahiya. Most of them even ignore it to help ease their clients’ anxiety.

Though a lot of people think that when it gets hard, it’s because of something sexual – this is a complete misconception. Madaming dahilan kung bakit tumatayo yan. Pwedeng because of sleep; pwedeng because of your emotions – fear, anger, excitement; pwede rin naman because you’re deeply relaxed, like during a massage. When it happens during a massage, it usually goes away after a few minutes.

Now, kung sobrang na-anxious ka about it to the extent na nasstress ka during a massage, you might want to try some tips from other men, like wearing tight underwear and thinking of something that could make it come down. Like, according to Jojo the Lovesurvivor, he thinks of pizza, or he thinks of his grandmother. (That’s true.)

The point is – huwag ka mastress about it. Sayang naman ung masahe, kung the whole time you’re anxious about it getting hard. It makes the massage counter-productive, right? Your manlihood standing during a massage is a natural reaction of your body to relaxation. This is normal and nothing to be stressed about. So, just relax and enjoy the massage! #takeitfromtehsexymind

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Biography: Rica Cruz is a Licensed Psychologist and Sex Therapist. She comes out as the Resident Sex Therapist on Boys’ Night Out every Thursday night on Magic 89.9.

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