PCC to host LGBA derby

Cockfighting | Pixabay

More than 50 gamefowl breeders vie for the title in today’s Pasay City Cockpit’s LGBA 7-Stag Derby.

The 4-stag finals, hosted by Luzon Gamecock Breeders Association (LGBA) and supported by Sagupaan Complexor 3000, feature more than 100 fights.

So far, Jay Cupcupin (GRC – A), Val Bertes (BOS Wildbirds), Ed Gonzales (EVG 333),Walter Lacuesta (QCA),Nestor Vendivil (Oliver Chopper 1), Jerome Quilantang King (Jerome Gamefarm Vice LA) and Cito Alberto (JFR Simply Cubanos) have three wins each.

Six others tallied 2.5 points apiece while 33 others have 2 points each.

The LGBA stag circuit continues with another 7-stag event (blue wingbands) on Aug. 21, 25, 28 and Sept. 1 and 8 also at PCC.

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Written by Tempo Online


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