‘Overrated pleasures, underrated treasures’

Luz Valdez
Luz Valdez

by Ronald Constantino

OVERRATED – The head of this column is taken from a song, which may well refer to movie stars.

“Overrated pleasures” are actors and actresses big in ego but small in talent. Those who are products of publicity, hype, promo… and manage to last for a while. Yes, only for a while as in no time their inadequacies are seen, exposed.

Who are they? No names now, let’s be kind.

Liza Lorena
Liza Lorena
UNDERRATED – “Underrated treasures” are genuine actors and actresses, including singers, who last. Thanks to genuine talent. Yes, Highspeed will name them.

Perla Bautista, Urian and FAMAS awardee. A beautiful person inside and out. Truly a gem, a pearl of a lady.

Lollie Mara, she speaks flawless Spanish and looks it, too. At her best in “donya” roles, but is really equal to any role.

Half Americans Dante Rivero (Louie Mayer), Ronaldo Valdez (Ronald Gibbs), Liza Lorena (Lizzie Winsett), Marissa Delgado (Epifania Boyle), Divina Valencia (Connie Fuller). Fine performers all.

MORE OF THEM – Okay, more of “underrated treasures.

Luz Valdez
Luz Valdez
Luz Valdez, Marita Zobel, Nova Villa, Robert Arevalo, Imelda Ilanan (not active these days), Rita Avila, Rio Locsin, Sharmaine Arnaiz, Mitch Valdes, Celia Rodriguez, Carmen Soriano, Dulce of Song, Nick Lizaso, Gloria Sevilla, Tessie Villarama, Lorli Villanueva (back in Manila after a long stint as professor and dean in a New York University), Dexter Doria, Anita Linda, Alicia Alonzo, Tommy Abuel, Caridad Sanchez.

Well, Robert Arevalo is not really “underrated” but definitely a treasure. He used to direct, one of them is the classic “Huwad na Bayani.” Ditto Nick Lizaso, the new CCP president. Well, Gloria Sevilla (Queen of Visayan Movies in the ‘50s) and Tessie Villarama are MTRCB board members.
Surely, Highspeed missed some names.

What do you think?

Written by Tempo Online

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