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University of Perpetual Help yesterday filed a protest on the decision of the NCAA to forfeit its 69-65 win over St. Benilde Tuesday for wearing the wrong color uniform.

In a protest filed last Wednesday, the Las Piñas-based school was seeking to uphold the Altas’ victory over the Blazers and questioned why they were penalized twice, the first by awarding a technical free throw on the latter and then forfeiting after.

NCAA Management Committee chairman Fr. Glyn Ortega of host San Sebastian said they are currently tackling the issue.

“We’re still deliberating on it today (yesterday),” said Ortega.

The forfeiture came after the Altas wore their dark maroon uniform instead of the designated white jersey.

The Mancom also forfeited Perpetual Help’s juniors game against La Salle-Greenhills. The Altalettes won, 64-60.

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