‘Early bird’ stagfest in Pasay

Cockfighting | Pixabay

The early bird stagfest, a popular derby format in Mindanao, goes to the Pasay City Cockpit today with the staging of the LGBA 7-stag derby.

The complete schedule: July 14 and 21 (3-stag elims) and July 28 (4-stag finals ).

Guaranteed prize is P1 million for an entry fee of P11,000.

Luzon Gamecock Breeders Association ( LGBA), now with 283 members, will host the event backed by Sagupaan Complexor 3000.

In the past years, LGBA starts its stagfighting season in September, said LGBA prexy Nick Crisostomo.

LGBA’s early bird derby is patterned after Mindanao’s A Cup 6 -stag derby. It started last week with 255 fights.

Meanwhile, Pasay Cockpit holds its 31st Anniversary 4-cock Derby on July 31.

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