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So what else is new?

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SO WHAT – Highspeed’s items on Filipino stars with foreign blood drew varied reactions from readers, one of them saying, “So what else is new?”

From way back, there were many mestizos and mestizas in local showbiz. Readers conceded then there were few with Middle Eastern roots. Now they’re all over showbiz and other fields, thanks to Filipinos who work in Arab countries and who have married “natives.”

Same is true among those who work in European countries like Germany and Italy.

Speaking of Italy, at least two readers asked why Matteo Guidicelli wasn’t included on Highspeed’s list of Fil-Italians. Mea culpa. They reminded that even before Matteo, there was Italian mestiza Consuelo Regotti, more popularly known as Linda Estrella, mother of the biggest child star of the ‘50s, Tessie Agana.

GERMANS – So, Julia Montes is half-German (father side), but three of the beautiful stars of the ‘50s have German blood (also father side).

Sigrid Von Giese (Paraluman), who actually started appearing in movies in the mid-‘40s, a legendary beauty. She is the mother of Baby O’ Brien and the “Lola” of Rina Reyes.

Caroline Strauss (Lilia Dizon), best actress at the Cambodian Film Festival in the ‘50s for “Kandilabrang Pilak,” directed by Bert Avellana (National Artist). She is the mother of Christopher, Pinky, and Mellisa de Leon.

Lucy May Grytz (Delia Razon), queen of costume pictures of LVN in the ‘50s, her beauty and bearing perfect for regal roles. She is the grandma of Carla Abellana.

MORE MESTIZOS/MESTIZAS – Earlier, Highspeed wrote that the movie queens of the ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s were mestizas.

They, of course, refer to Carmen Rosales, Rosa del Rosario, Gloria Romero, Nida Blanca, Susan Roces, Amalia Fuentes.

Here’s more, as they come to mind.

Ric Rodrigo (Albert Paul Bregendahl), Elvira Reyes (Gloria Madison), Johnny Monteiro (John Montgomery), Lolita Rodriguez (Lolita Clark), Mario Montenegro (Roger Collins Macalalag), Myrna Delgado (Betty Hill), Dante Rivero (Louie Mayer), Erlinda Cortez (Mary Boone), Eddie Mesa (Eduardo Eigenmann), Eddie Gutierrez (Eduardo Pickett Gutierrez), Eric Quizon (Eric Smith Quizon), Ronald Remy (Ronald Kookooritchin), Vilma Valera (Vilma Johnson), Corazon Rivas (Sweet Williams), Liza Lorena (Elizabeth Winsett).

Ronaldo Valdez (Ronald Gibbs), Divina Valencia (Consolacion Fuller), Marissa Delgado (Epifania Boyle), Rosa Rosal (Florence Dannon), Pacita del Rio (Helen Johnson), Dina Bonnevie (Geraldine Schaer Bonnevie), John Regala (Paul Guido Boucher Scheer), Hilda Koronel (Susan Reid), Anita Linda (Alice Lake).

Come to think of it, Fernando Poe Jr., King of Philippine Cinema and National Artist, was American mestizo: Ronald Allan Kelley Poe offcam.

What do you think?

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