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Four gifted ladies married to senators


TAKE FOUR – The focus is on four gifted showbiz ladies married to incumbent senators.

One by one now, starting with the Star for All Seasons Vilma Santos-Recto, herself a public servant. She’s the newly elected congressman from the lone district of Lipa, Batangas. Ate Vi served with distinction in Lipa as mayor (nine years) and Batangas as governor (nine years).

In all elections, Ate Vi won by a landslide.

All these years, Helen Gamboa-Sotto stood by the side of her husband, the “secret weapon” in all those campaigns. Helen of Song, gifted with a disarming charm.

Then there’s Sharon Cuneta-Pangilinan, the Megastar. She with a good heart, kind and generous and compassionate. Incidentally, Sharon’s the niece of Helen.

And the youngest of the four senatorial wives, Heart Evengelista-Escudero. She’s all-around personality – actress, model, endorser, and painter. Heart’s painting’s been exhibited here and in Singapore, fetching top prices.

WITH A HEART – The bank with a heart, Philippine Veterans Bank has found the ideal endorser or brand ambassador, who else? Heart.

PVB just renewed its contract with Heart with the continuation of its campaign, “Bank with a Heart for every Filipino.”

In the words of Mike Villa-Real, VP for corporate and consumer relations: “Ms. Heart Evengelista-Escudero embodies the vision laid out by our chairman Roberto de Ocampo. Banking with a heart with professionalism, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence. Her passion in pursuing her acting and modeling career, arts, and socio-civic advocacies also makes her a fitting choice to represent the bank and its services.”

UNIQUE – More info from Mike V.

Launched last February, the ad campaign revitalized the bank’s image. The ad also highlights what makes PVB unique among the country’s universal and commercial banks: that its corporate social responsibility is at the core of the PVB’s existence. Each year, a significant portion of the Bank’s income is set aside to give aid and assistance to surviving Filipino World War II veterans and their descendants. PVB is the only bank that looks after the welfare of the WWII veteran community.

The bank’s experience in dealing with this unique sector of society allows it to be sensitive to the needs of its customers from all walks of life, veteran or not. Coupled with a study released a few years ago that stated that Philippine banks are perceived as stiff and uncaring, Chairman De Ocampo came up with the concept that gave birth to the campaign of PVB as a bank with a heart for every Filipino.

The PVB ad campaign features Ms. Evangelista-Escudero in print, radio, TV, and digital ads. Apart from the advertising, the Bank also proceeded to renovate its branches to give it a warmer, friendlier look. The bank is also conducting continuous training for its front-liners to improve its customer service.

Philippine Veterans Bank is a private commercial bank owned by about 300,000 Filipino World War II veterans and their descendants.

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