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Piolo, proud dad to Iñigo


JUST A THOUGHT: “My hope is that learning about past evils will help us to avoid them in the future.” – Livia Bitton-Jackson

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COMPARE AND CONTRAST: It can’t be helped. Son following in the footsteps of parent always stands to be compared and contrasted with family member.

Debuting recording artist Iñigo Pascual faces this predicament, which he also considers a blessing, squarely. While the talented 19-year old is happy to acknowledge the compliment that he can sing, and sing well, he’s also quick to point out that he can’t be compared with his father, the superstar Piolo.

Star Music record producer Jonathan Manalo comes to the rescue. He explained that father and son, luckily, aren’t treading the same musical path.

Piolo is known for his ballads. Iñigo takes on a more youngish sound, pop-rock, today’s with-it vibe, so refreshing and so now. Think Justine Bieber, Charlie Puth, Bruno Mars, et al.

Iñigo himself explains, “I can’t sing as well as my dad when it comes to love songs. It’s probably the same way with him as far as my music is concerned.’’

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PIOLO’S REACTION: I told Piolo how the press took to Iñigo’s debut album.

That they were impressed by his singing, and also by his talent in writing songs.

The veteran actor said he’s a proud dad.

“He’s really exceptional,’’ he added.

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‘DAHIL SA IYO’: Iñigo’s album has for its carrier single, “Dahil sa ’Yo,” a song so bouncy and full of today’s youthful vibe. The same goes for “Dito” and “Fallin,” which Iñigo also wrote.

He recalled that he wrote “Fallin’” when he was only 12 years old, a student in Los Angeles, California where he once acted in the musical “Hairspray.” (NESTOR CUARTERO)

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