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Iñigo Pascual, a pleasant surprise


JUST A THOUGHT: “When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object.” –Milan Kundera

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SURPRISED BY IÑIGO: We have to admit this. We were pleasantly surprised upon hearing tracks of Iñigo Pascual’s debut album launched last week by Star Music.

Prior to the 19-year old’s main event, we couldn’t really place him in a niche of his own in show business. Being the son of most popular, talented actor Piolo, it was always tempting to rank him as one of those ambitious ones who stray into the biz just because their family members are in it. The notion definitely worked against Iñigo, forced as he was to sit under the shadow of his well-entrenched father.

However, the moment Star Music started playing his CD of …songs while media members were having lunch, we quickly noted the young man’s edge. He has a good singing voice, full and rotund, neither lightweight nor shrill.

Best of all, he has a talent for composing. Three of the tracks in Iñigo’s album are self-written, few of which he performed for the press.

The carrier single, “Dahil sa ’Yo,” is bouncy and full of today’s youthful vibe. The same goes for “Dito” and “Fallin,” all of which he wrote.

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COMPARED TO BIEBER: At one point, I asked him how he felt being compared to Justin Bieber. In sound and in looks (at least that afternoon), he came close to being Bieber.

Iñigo came to the launch in tight, tattered jeans, hair dyed blonde, wearing a light cotton sweatshirt. Bieber na Bieber ang dating.

Iñigo said he didn’t mind it one bit that people tell him that. Bieber is a superstar whose talent he admires.

You could say Iñigo’s sound has today’s youthful vibe as captured and popularized by the likes of Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, Nick Jonas.

A sign of the times we live in.

* * *

HE’S GOT WHAT IT TAKES: For Iñigo, crashing into the biz requires more than just good looks and a famous last name.

It is having the talent, the skills, a sense of purpose, and a big dream.

His self-titled pop-dance album is an affirmation of this credo.

Iñigo’s passion for music goes back to his childhood when he learned to play the piano at the age of seven.

At 12, he knew how to play the guitar and ukulele. It was also the first time Iñigo wrote a song, called “Fallen,” which is included in his album.

He also played Link Larkin in the musical “Hairspray” in high school back in Los Angeles.

Completing the track list are his cover of “Binibini,” and all-original songs “That Hero” (Jonathan Manalo), “Your Love” (Shorya Shorma & Samuel Simpson), “Ikaw at Ako” (Gabriel Tagadtad) and “Live Life Brighter” (Miles Blue Sy).

The album was produced by Kidwolf, described by Jonathan Manalo as the hot young record producer on the block today.

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Written by Tempo Online

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