Intensified implementation?

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) recently “intensified” the implementation of its motorcycle lane policy and system in major thoroughfares in Metro Manila as one of the immediate measures in easing the traffic problem.

The truth of the matter is – the motorcycle lane policy is not really being intensified now but more of bring reintroduced. Despite the good results of the policy’s initial implementation during the Aquino Administration, it became part of the long list of “ningas-kugon” initiatives of our government.

No one can deny that a few months after the strict implementation of the motorcycle lane policy during the past administration, the same was totally disregarded.

Indeed, when one drives along EDSA and Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City, motorcycles are perhaps the deadliest road hazard. Motorcycle riding in our country is one with, at best, poor adherence to basic driving rules. Motorcycles overtake vehicles at the right side instead of the left. Motorcycle riders completely disregard the road queuing courtesy as they will squeeze in their motorcycles just to get ahead.

The increasing number of motorcycles makes driving in Metro Manila roads not only a nightmare because of heavy vehicular traffic but also a very risky, if not deadly, undertaking.

The motorcycle lane policy is needed because it limits the movement of motorcycles and thus lowers the risk of vehicular accident and promotes road discipline.

In “reintroducing” the motorcycle lane policy, the current Administration, particularly the current leadership of the MMDA should enhance the policy by restricting also the use of other vehicles of the motorcycle lane. The value of the lane will not be optimized if cars, buses and other vehicles unnecessarily use the lane dedicated for motorcycles.

In addition to this, the current Administration should also “change” the way policies like this one are implemented – simply put, there should be no more “ningas-kugon” policy and program implementation. If the policy yields the desired results and outcomes, its strict implementation should be continued. There should be no room for “intensifying” policy or program implementation because policies and programs are always implemented with 100 percent efforts from the concerned agencies.

Such is one change that will define the leadership and service brands of the Duterte Administration and one that will raise the level of public service to what they should be. (Dr. Ramon Ricardo A. Roque, CESOI, Diplomate)

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Written by Tempo Online

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